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Come2Borneo Nature Guide

Udin was born in Lombok, on 12 oct 1987 and moved to Kalimantan with his parents when he was just a kid and has been living there ever since. 

He started working as a guide by accident, he broke his ankle at his old job, and wasn't able to work there anymore.  Opi, his fellow guide, suggested him to go back to the port and work in  a klotok.


He remembered spending his childhood fishing and helping his parents collecting log from the river, this was something he loved to do, so he took Opi's advice.  He started to work at Rambo Satu. He spend the first six months working serving food and talking to guests. After these 6 months of training, he started a new carrier as a guide. Two years after that he had his first Spanish guests and he had no experience at all with the Spanish language, but he was prepared, he brought his dictionary onboard and tried to understand as much as possible and tried to start a conversation in spanish. It was not easy but the guests appreciated his effort. He learned a lot of new words over the years and now he is really thankful that he found his passion in this guiding world.