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Norberto Rodriguez Sanchez

Norberto moved to Indonesia in 2006. He came to pursue his marine adventure and got a chance to work as a cruise director in alive aboard and started a new episode in his life. Having traveled to most eastern part of Indonesia by the sea, he could not stop praising the beauty of not only the underwater world but also the variety of cultures of Indonesia which rarely been touched by civilization and mass tourism.The chance to sail Indonesia for years takes him to places with no airport and no road, places that can only be reached by boat. Norberto’s fluency in Bahasa Indonesia makes him easily merge into the culture and way of living of the Indonesian, as well as understanding better this giants mix culture country.His background as the cruise director also brought him to understand many details that most of the time forgotten. Norberto lso spend months and months traveling around Indonesia to get in touch personally with the people and the places we are promoting all around Indonesia. This makes him know what’s best and most recommend to our guests and well as enriched him with many more information that a person behind the desk cannot or does not bother to tell you.

Melysa Charlex

Norberto' other half, have traveled to most part of Indonesia since she was very young. Her passion of traveling and knowing new places, cultures and peoples help her to understand more of the art of traveling. Just as her other half, Melysa also spent months and months to travel around Indonesia, meeting the best people,photographing the best amazing landscape, knowing the best routes to Being a traveler herself, when it comes to the adventure and culture, she will share you the secret to keep your feet moving even when your heart rate could not keep up.With experiences she has injoining international conferences, organizing events and trips for people from around the globe, when it comes to travel plan and you need someone to talk to, she will become as a friendly travel advisor. She will give you options, reference,recommendation, and if needed, her personal opinion is also available in order to get a clear image of what the guests are going to deal with.