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Come2Borneo Nature Guide

Isai was born in 1982 in Kalimantan and grew up in a small dayak tribe deep inside the jungle of Kalimantan. Since he became a guide he has been living in Pangkalan bun. 

Before he became a guide, he lived deep in the jungle, collecting tree sap and rattan to sell.  As part of a Dayak family he was always connected to nature and he calls the jungle his home. Every day he had to find a way to survive, finding his own food and medicine from jungle resources. 

Isai is really excited to share his knowledge about the jungle, the animals and tribe culture to all the foreigners tourist. He has been working as a tour guide in Tanjung-Puting National Park since 2008 and during his time as a guide he learned to speak English and Spanish and he always tries to learn something from every new language, he also speaks a few words of Dutch and French! Isai is always up for a joke and is told with a lot of passion about the history of the jungle and how you can survive in it!