Come2Borneo is a legal company with a team of professionals for every detail of your journey. Our trips are 99,9% guaranteed success, . We work with official guides and highly rated by the Association of Guides and our previous guests.


  • Each year we review our guide performances and provide each of them with extra knowledge which we think can be an extra point to be shared to our guests.

  • We prepare full board meals on board: breakfast, lunch, dinner, all made with love from a fresh and local ingredients by our experienced cook. These meals will be some of the best you will try in Indonesia. 



Here at Come2Borneo, our fundamental principle is tourism without harming the environment. This is why our Orang-utan tours are different. They are specially designed to sustain the environment through responsible tourism to help converse the forest and wildlife of Borneo. 

Over the years we have created several project store duce the solution in the area as a part of our support to the National Park. 

  • Reusable drinking bottle: Instead of preparing numbers of 500ml drinking water in plastic bottle for each guest on every meal or camp visit, we provide steel bottles to the guests which they can refill from the big water gallon on the klotok. This way we prevent we help to reduce the numbers of plastic waste.-

  • Natural and biogradable 2in1 shampoo & shower gel provided to each guest, which we hope can help to reduce the water contamination to the river.

  • For every guest who books a trip to Tanjung Puting National Park, we donate 10 euros to support the ongoing projects held by several NGO in the National Park. The donation partly used for the reforestation project in Pesalat, and also to the foundations that conserves the Orangutans.

  • We try to offer snacks to guests which do not contain palm oil. This is not an easy task because palm oil is processed in almost every chips or cookies.


Do not purchase any products which contains palm oil (in Indonesian: minyakkelapasawit): Big international companies and local people burn down the rainforest to create area for palm oil plantations. Palm oil is processed in many products, for example in crisps, cookies, margarine and chocolate.


Per burned hectare rainforest, 6 Orangutans get killed. Also birds, snakes and pigs will not survive. The palm trees live up to 25 years. After that, the companies and the people burn down another part of the rainforest to start a new plantation. Why they do not start a new palm plantation at the same place? Because it is easier and cheaper to burn down another part of the forest instead of seeding new trees at the same plantation and hire people to cut down the palm trees. The roots of the palm tree are deep in the ground and harder to cut down than the trees of the rainforest. It will cost more time and time is money. Some species of the forest is protected, but the government is also corrupt.


Tanjung Puting National Park is located in the southwestern part of Borneo, kalimantan, Indonesia.The park is composed of 416000 hectares of dryland forest, swamp forest, health forest, mangroves and coastal beach forest. It is located in the Indonesia Western Time zone, uTC +7.00, which is the same as in Jakarta and the rest of Java. It is one of the few places left on earth where you can spot the Orangutans in wildlife.

he animals in the park are wild and not in the zoo. When you visit the zoo, you are able to see every animal that the zoo has to offer. We can not ensure you that you will see every animal the National Park has to offer, but we can ensure you that we never had a trip before where the guests did not see Orangutans, the Probosquis monkey, macaques, wild bearded pigs and a lot of birds.


The Orangutan is the most popular and endangered animal which you can see in the park. There are about 9.000 Orangutans left in Borneo. This amount will only decrease as a result of the rise of palm oil plantations.


Characteristic for the Orangutan is the orange-reddish hair. males have distinctive large cheek lobes, a throat pouch and an orange-red beard, which are missing at the female Orangutans. Through these air pockets, the male can roar loud. The lifespan of Orangutans is between 35-45 years. The female Orangutans weigh about 40 kilos and the males can weigh up to 80 kg. Adult males are about 1.5 meters tall. The name Orangutan comes from the malay and means bushmen (Orang means human and utan means bush). during the mating, the male and female stay a few days together. The gestation period is 8 to 9 months. The baby will be born in the nest and stays with the mother. To learn all the skills to survive, it remains young 6 to 7 years with her. Once he is grown up, the orangutan will leave his mother. Because it takes a lot of time to raise the child, a female Orangutan receives only 2 to 3 boys in her life. 


The “wild” Orangutans (not rehabilitated) are harder to find during the trip. you find them mainly near the river, deeper into the park. The Orangutans you are going to see at the camps, are mostly rehabilitated Orangutans. These Orangutans are used to people and make less noise. The “wild” Orangutans are make a “kissing” noise if they do not like the presence of people. They are not used to people and want to protect there area. during the tour, you can not touch the Orangutans, because they are sensitive for deceases from people and the other way around. The mother Orangutan can react aggressive if you get to close, because they want to protect their baby’s. They also want to protect their area. Respect the Orangutans and stay quiet during feeding time. The food of the Orangutans consists of banana and milk. However, when the rangers run out of banana, other species of fruit and maize is given to the Orangutans. As a tourist, it is prohibited to feed the Orangutans, because it is against the rehabilitation principles. If people feed the Orangutans, they will get used to it and keep asking food from people. And if they do not get it, they can react aggressive. The guests who visit the National Park, do not always know what Orangutans can eat and what not. Some species of food can be toxic for the Orangutans. Therefore it is discouraged to feed the Orangutans.


One of the bigger problems for people who visit the rainforest, are mosquitos. mosquitos that spreads malaria normally come out during sunset time. The best way to prevent malaria is to prevent being bitten by the mosquitos. mosquitos can also infect humans with other deceases, like dengue. Therefore, it is highly recommended to bring mosquito repellent with a high concentration of deeT (at least 50%) and to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts after sunset. Fortunately, we also provide mosquito nets on the klotok. After dinner the crew changes the upper deck into a sleeping area. At the same time, they put mosquito nets around the bed. Please refer to chapter: “what is provided during the trip”.Note: These days, there are two different types of antibiotics for malaria: larian and malarone. We do not recommend larian, because this medicine can have side effects, especially for those who want to go diving. Some divers experience symptoms of decompression. malarone is according to the opinion of most doctors the best antibiotic against malaria. malarone is more effective and has less side effects then larian.





  • Million stars’ accommodation based on a river Boat (klotok). 

  • During the months July-August we also organize shared trips. If interested, please ask us for the details.-

  • Transfer from the airport/hotel to the port and from the port back to the airport/hotel.-

  • Transportation over land and river.-

  • Knowledgeable english Speaking guide.

  • 2 day permit from the police , rangers and park national- Fees photo camera and video camera- mineral water, Tea, Coffee, Snacks, and Seasonal Fruitsfor trips on the boat.

  • Sheets, matrasses, pillows.

  • Mosquito nets

  • Friendly Captain, assistant captain and Cook.

  • Fullboard meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner. All served on the boat. Super delicious. Guaranteed!

  • A bottle of steel which you can refill from our gallons of water instead of using plastic bottles. We help prevent further pollution to the rainforest. 

  • 1 bottle of 100 ml of 2in1 100% organic shampoo and body soap.

  •  Flight Tickets. If you need any help to book the ticket, please ask for assistance. We have a flight reservation system to book the ticket to all around Indonesia.

  • Travel Insurance. 

  • Personal expenses, alcohol , gratuities. 

  •  All extra expense that caused by force majeur that is above our control such as Natural disaster, Flight Cancellation, etc. 

  •  Speedboat to chase the feeding time on the first day. The feeding time is a 3 Pm, it is recommendable to arrived in Pangkalanbun at maximum 11.30 to be able to reach the camp ontime.

  •  Optional night trek: 7euro/day/person extra, to be paid onboard7. Surcharge of 100.000 Rupiah/person/day applicable for every Sunday and National Holiday, to be paid upon arrival

  •  Travel Insurance

  • Personal medication (include contact lenses)

  • All documents for your trip and copies: passport, vouchers, tickets, contacts

  • Cash in Indonesian Rupiah

  • Camera, Battery and Charger

  • Toiletries

  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses

  • Mosquito repellent. Good ones, please!

  • Malaria Pills (Optional)





  •  Travel Insurance

  • Personal medication (include contact lenses)

  • All documents for your trip and copies: passport, vouchers, tickets, contacts

  • Cash in Indonesian Rupiah

  • Camera, Battery and Charger

  • Toiletries

  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses

  • Mosquito repellent. Good ones, please!

  • Malaria Pills (Optional)

You will not need special shoes for the trekking as the walks are quiet easy.  We recommend you NOT to wear colorful clothes, because this can attract the mosquitos.The following list shows which clothing is recommended to take with you:

  • Sandals

  • Synthetic socks

  • Long pants (quick drying material)

  • Waterproof sunblock

  • Sweatshirt

  • light T-shirts (quick drying material)

  • Long sleeve shirt(quick drying material)

  • Towel


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