Arrive at Pangkalan Bun, on the island of Borneo, better known by the Indonesians as Kalimantan. Upon arrival at the airport your guide will be waiting for you, transfer to the port of Kumai about 15-20 minutes by car where we will embark on a great adventure! We arrive to our traditional wooden boat called klotok. Our guide will reconfirm with the crew that everything is ready and start the cruise up the river in the famous Sekonyer River aboard a klotok


If your flight arrives early (before 11.30 AM), we can arrive in time to the rehabilitation center of Tanjung Harapan where at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the rangers of the national park feed the Orangutans and you can have the first close encounters with them. The translation of Tanjung Harapan is Cape of Hope. This first camp is around wetlands and in the afternoon, there are more mosquitoes so make sure you put on enough mosquitoes repellent. After visiting this Rangers Camp, you will continue upstream, resting on the Boat, while we search for animals in the vicinity of the Sekonyer River. This afternoon it is very frequent to see groups of proboscis monkeys and monkeys in the treetops, jumping from one branch to another, or even see monitors or crocodiles lizards in the shallow waters of the sides of the river. Prepare for sunset, the boat moored on one side of the river to spend the night

Meals: Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation: Klotok Boat


After an extraordinary breakfast, we will go in time to see the Tanggui camp at the time of feedinganimals (9 AM). Sooner or later you will see how the branches of the treetops begin to move and then you will see the silhouettes of the Orangutans arriving slowly to the feeding platform. Tanggui was a release camp for young Orangutans that were rehabilitated, and they continue to add food every day, to prevent the Orangutans from leaving because of lack of food, which could cause them end up outside the National Park, with the following risk of falling into traps of settlers or fields of palm oil plantations.


After the Orangutans begin to leave, you will return to the Klotok again to prepare your new adventure in the jungle, away from tourists. Along with your guide and part of the crew, you will have to take everything you need to get into the jungle in a 4-5 hour trek until you find the right place to spend the night. It is an opportunity to enjoy more intensely the endemics of the area, orangutans, the sounds of the night, the vegetation, etc. Once the camps are assembled, we will have dinner and also, if you want, you can do some hiking at night, to see the nocturnal fauna with your guide.

Meals: Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation: Camping in the jungle

After an extraordinary breakfast, we will go in time to see the Tanggui camp at the time of feeding animals (9 AM). Sooner or later you will see how the branches of the treetops begin to move and then you will see the silhouettes of the Orangutans arriving slowly to the feeding platform. 

Arrival at Campy Leakey, the old orangutan research and rehabilitation center since 1971. To this day, this camp is used as an investigation into the behaviour and feeding of Orangutans. At 14.00 you can see the feeding time of the Orangutans.  You can also visit the small museum made by the scientist Dr. Birute Galdikas. At the end of observing the Orangutans in this camp, and if the weather and conditions permit, we will make a gentle trek through the jungle back to the klotok to look for Orangutans in freedom and other animals. 

In the afternoon, if it does not rain, the boat will be docked near a firefly congregation and you can enjoy the show of its luminescence.

Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation: Klotok Boat


In the morning we will repeat our visit to the Tanggui Camp having more opportunity to meet new species and spend more time observing Orangutans. After the Orangutans begin to leave, you will return to the Klotok, to prepare your new adventure in the jungle, away from any tourists. along with your guide and part of the crew, you will go on a 4-5 hour trek until you find the right place to spend the night. It is an opportunity to enjoy more intensely the endemics of the area, orangutans and the sounds of the nights. 


Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation: Camping in the jungle 


The morning in Pesalat is the best time for bird watching or simply stroll around the forest. One of the main objectives of coming to this jungle area is to take part in conserving the National Park, visiting the reforestation center of the Friends of the National Park Foundation (FNPF) where you can volunteer and Plant a tree and take pride that you have contributed a grain of sand in conservation with your step out there.We return to the klotok to go to Camp Harapan where we will have contact with the Orangutans at the time that rangers call them for their food. It is a new opportunity to meet the alpha male or the dominant female of the area, called by the people of Borneo as The King and The Queen and not always have the luck to see them. Orangutans that can reach 50 years and are an indispensable figure in each of the areas populated by them.Arrival in the afternoon and after a day of many experiences, it is time to relax with the sounds of the jungle, taste an exquisite fresh Indonesian dinner and enjoy the nightlife of the jungle.​

Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation: Klotok




1. 3-Night accommodation based on private klotok boat and 1 night based on tents for camping. (Klotok: Traditional wooden boat to cruise rivers with bath)

2. Transfers airport - klotok - airport

3. Transfers on land and river

4. English speaking guide

5. 2-Day permission of the police, rangers and the national park

6. Camera or video camera fees

7. Water, tea, coffee, cookies, tropical fruits

8. Captain, captain assistant and cook

9. All meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner served on the boat.

10. For each client of ours, donate 10 EUR to various projects within the Tanjung Putting National Park!

11. A unique experience!



1. Domestic flights > we can reserve the tickets, ask us for more details.

2. Travel Insurance (Highly Recommended)

3. Alcohol, soft drinks, personal expenses.

4. Sunday or national holiday surcharge.

5. Extra expenses occurred due to causes beyond our control (force majeure) such as cancellations of flights, natural disasters, diseases, etc.

6. Sleeping bags for camping


In the early morning, we will enjoy the last moments of the sounds of the jungle, before heading to the port, to be transferred to the airport

Meals: Breakfast 

Accommodation: -


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