Today we will pick you up around 7.30 from your hotel and take your to Kumai Harbour where we will embark in the small but fast speed boats to sail for approximately 30 minutes and we will go in time to see the Camp Tanggui at the time of feeding (9 AM). Sooner or later you will see how the branches of the treetops begin to move and then you will see the silhouettes of the Orangutans arriving to the feeding platform. Tanggui was a release camp for young Orangutans that were rehabilitated, and they continue to add food every day, to prevent the Orangutans from leaving 

because of lack of food, and they end up outside the National Park, with the following risk of falling into traps of settlers or fields of palm oil plantations. After the Orangutans begin to leave, you will return to the Speed boat again to go further up the river. You will see how the coloration of the river changes and you will have the opportunity to see crocodiles and large lizards, together with Gibbon’s and proboscis Monkeys. 

Arrival at Camp Leakey, the old orangutan research and rehabilitation center since 1971, when a student at UCLA Los Angeles University, Birutte Galdikas began studying the Orangutans there. The name Camp Leaky comes from Birutte’s own teacher, the Paleoanthropologist Louis Leakey. At least 200 orangutans had already been cured and returned to the jungles thanks to this center. 

However since 1995, the Government of Indonesia has banned the introduction of more Orangutans in this camp, so Orangutans are increasingly adapting more to freedom. To this day, this camp is used as an investigation into the behavior and feeding of Orangutans. You will take advantage of your guide to explore the interiors of the jungle a bit to look for orangutans in freedom and other animals. At 14.00 you can see the feeding time of the Orangutans. You can also visit the small museum made by the scientist Dr. Birute Galdikas. When finished observing the orangutans in this camp and if the weather 

and conditions permit, we will make a short trek through the jungle on our way back to the boat to look for wild orangutans and other animals. 

We will have the opportunity to learn from our local guides who some of them were born in the jungle, how to look for animals or plants, or simply listen to their experience of life in the jungle. 

The jungles of Borneo have given life and are house to the settlers for many many years. The jungles that under the eyes of the grandparents are able to give everything you need. Food, water, medicines, etc. Yes... Never put anything in your mouth without the recommendation of your guide. In the afternoon we will sail back to the harbour and then to your Hotel. 

Meals : Lunch


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